Thursday, May 5, 2016

Joan Casey Update #14: Our Wedding

Missus Joan - smiling as usual!
Today has been a day of recuperation for me. I am now finally feeling a little exhaustion, physically, mentally and emotionally, but I'll get over it - because I must.
Joan would want me to stay strong and focussed, and I am going to do that - for her, and myself.
As Winston Churchill used to say "I'll be better in the morning"!

So, instead of stalling out, I'm going to enjoy some very pleasant memories - of which there have been many with Missus Joan!
She once told me that her life was never dull; and when it headed that way, she would do something to get it back on track.
That has been a lasting impression of my dear wife that I have consistently enjoyed with her.
By mutual consent, we have collected 'experiences', and what a collection we have accumulated!

So, going back to the time when I had known Joan just over 6 years - I am posting our printed 7-page wedding program. I've also located the 45-minute long video tape made, now being digitized.

That day - June 17, 1990 - was the happiest complete day that I had ever witnessed with Joan; her photogenic cheeks actually ached from the continuous smiles and laughter!
She was definitely in her natural element and everyone knew it.

Pictures will come later, but here is the 7-page program:
Page 1 of 7

Page 2 of 7
Page 3 of 7

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Page 6 of 7
Page 7 of 7
That's it for now. Good night, Missus Joan......
I adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was twenty-six. Religion offered nothing to the point. Even work could not give me complete satisfaction. Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next. When I discovered reincarnation . . . time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock. . . . I would like to communicate to others the calmness that the long view of life gives to us. HENRY FORD