Monday, March 9, 2009

Lake Whatcom: Reservoir or High Rent District?

Remember when John McCain couldn't recall how many homes he -and/or his wife- owned?
Well, there are others like him who'd like to have home #3 -or higher- right here in Whatcom County.
Thanks to the County's incredible incompetence, these wealthy, seasonal imports will have an easier time finding the right spot to impress their friends.

Folks, a nightmare scenario is happening -at a quickening pace- before our eyes, assisted by the County's re-issuance of its so-called Environmental Impact Statement, which says it is of no consequence if a private road is gouged from the end of Academy upward, to serve 26 more mega homes, each surrounded by its own 20-acre forested woodpile.
At least, that is what we think we now know, thanks to Mr Kirsch's post at NW Citizen, and I doubt he has this wrong.

If this act of gross negligence and stupidity is allowed to stand, our Executive's powerful developer friends will benefit mightily from the precedent being set.
It's OK with the County if one buys forestry land, subdivides it, gouges roads, obtains water and sewer from a friendly water district -or worse, wells and septics, then pays the County enough baksheesh to be technically legal.
Is that really OK?
I don't think so!
And, many others don't think so either.

It's time we as citizens take some strong action on this matter, as well as the future planned degradations the County's power brokers may have in mind!
I think it's time to call in Legal Man, plus the Dept of Ecology and anyone else who can help reverse this terrible decision!
And, I will volunteer to help pay these costs, because folks fighting this kind of crap will require some bucks.

I'm reminded of Judas Iscariot, who received -what? 30 pieces of silver for betraying Christ.
Can you imagine a more crass act, committed at a time of such budget problems that the County would allow this to happen?

Can you visualize the Lake Whatcom watershed a few years hence, when almost all of Squalicum and Stewart Mountains -maybe even Galbrath- will be covered by mega homes, daisy-chained together by new, gouged new roads, traveled by SUVs, off-road vehicles and fun seekers trying out the County's new 8400-acre 'Park', which it can't pay for any other way?
And, there will probably be a few more planes, maybe helicopters, landing in the water or near it, too.
Hey, this is our drinking water supply!

Think these things will do anything to help us protect our municipal water supply?
If you do, there is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

You know, no one begrudges folks making a legitimate buck or two, but this scheme really begs the question in my book.
It pits the most basic needs of people directly against the excessive greed of a few, in a way that is truly disgusting.
But, that's the way things are in a democracy, isn't it?

Unless there are clear rules and regulations -that are enforced -you can end up, well, with a Wall Street crash for gosh sakes!
Is that what's happening here?
If it is, let's fix it -and fast!

I invite the Dept of Ecology to fully review the County's EIS and the methodology utilized in rubber-stamping it.
If the bureaucrat responsible is correct in his assessment, I'll stand corrected.
But something really stinks about this!
And, the DOE does have a big dog in this fight, who's initials are TMDL!

I would like to see this potentially precedent-setting decision stopped in its tracks, using all means available.
Maybe actions are already being considered that I don't know about, in which case I applaud those initiatives.
Just let me know to whom I should write my check.

There aren't going to be many more chances as good as this one to take a firm stand on Lake Whatcom.
Fiddle around the edges all you want, but this one is a big one!