Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today's Headlines: It's Come to This!

I knew there was a reason I stopped subscribing to the Herald and poring over 'headlines' every day.

But, I must have forgotten, because I looked again just now, today.
Here's a sampling of what I saw:

• Secretary of Defense Condi Rice may have to conscript diplomats for service in Iraq

Imagine that! Choice duty in 'Mess-o-potamia' at govt expense, and no takers?
Of course, VP Cheney got 5 draft deferrals from any military service, plus about 5,000 troops guarding him when he visits any war zone. And our Prez skipped out on Nat'l Guard, so they seemed to have inspired similar cowardice in others, doncha think?

• TV writers might strike and leave us without late night talk shows

Maybe we'll have to start doing something more useful, like maybe reading a book or talking with each other?
Or, going to a public meeting and contributing something back to society?
Better yet, develop better sleep habits.

• Stephen Colbert is denied the right to run for President by the Demos in South Carolina

Who cares? It's just a publicity stunt anyway, and we all know what a serious business politics is, don't we? Don't we?

• Hilary's regrouping from attacks by other Demo candidates for President

Huh? Aren't they representing the same party and almost the same constituencies? Some of that stuff must be rubbing off on Bellingham, too!

• A local reporter is blathering about pipeline records, and PDC reports, and other stuff that comes to him as easy pickings

Has he talked with Homeland Security? The Pipeline Safety Trust? Olympic Pipe Line?
What's his problem?
What's the PDC's problem with open govt records?
What's the Herald's problem in providing its young reporter with some helpful guidelines as to what represents news?
Hey, Sam give me a call! Or not.

• An uncontested candidate for local office is comparing a contested candidate with Forrest Gump

What's that about? I kinda liked Forrest Gump, didn't you?
Whatsa matter with Gump - too open and honest?
Things seemed to turn out pretty good when he was around!
And, he had the gumption to see the forest, despite the trees!
OK, bad play on words, but you get my drift.

• A local newpaper wants more open access to public meetings and records

Why not show up at meetings that are public?
Or maybe advocate televising them on BTV10 so everybody who wants to see them can?
OK, bad idea again, no money in that.

• There is much 'concern' over low voter turnout in our local elections [including me]

Over half of that 'concern' will immediately subside when the final returns have been counted.
Why not help Get Out The Vote?

• There was a Joint City/County meeting tonight to supposedly review progress on preserving water quality in the Lake Whatcom Reservoir and adopt a work plan for 2008.

That meeting was a real joke, but no one is laughing because it wasn't funny.
Hear that Pete?
It would have been a surprise if this meeting was actually effective and didn't waste everyone's time.
But thanks to habitual cowardice and lack of commitment, it failed pretty miserably.
Confusing 'talk' & activity with 'walk' & results is THE problem!

• Many people seem worried about new people being elected to office

Don't worry, the City & County will continue to function -albeit at a minimal level- despite those elected, not because of them!
I kinda like the idea of new people in office, and I'm doing my part to make that happen.

• In addressing a climate summit organized by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, former President Clinton announced that the 1,100 cities represented by that organization will become part of a 'green' purchasing group.
Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, said it would work with Clinton's foundation and the cities to bundle orders and product specifications for 'green' technology.
Cities take up 2% of our land, but contribute 75% of our greenhouse gases.

Boy, Bellingham sure straddles that issue!
Buying green, but banning WAL-MART!

• Then, there's the Westboro Baptist Church, a fundamentalist Christian group based in Topeka, Kansas, that has protested military funerals across the country with placards bearing shock-value messages such as "Thank God for dead soldiers".

That little ploy brought a lawsuit that may cost the church $11 million, but at least gave them the satisfaction that their message against the Iraq 'war' was being heard!
Unfortunately, it will also attract more folks to become lawyers.
On the other hand, maybe folks won't be lining up to be soldiers.

• It seems only fitting to end with that song 'there'se hurricanes in Africa, Fa la la la la la la, and earthquakes in Spain, Fa la lala lala la... Or something like that.

I give up! This place is getting too crazy!

What I need is a beer, and I'm ready for some football!

Patriots versus Colts - Super Bowl comes early

See y'all later, y'hear?