Sunday, January 22, 2012

Climate: Homework For Dedicated Doubters

Well, the Patriots & Giants both barely won, setting up the Super Bowl contestants two weeks from now. I'm actually glad this unusually long season will be ending soon
Maybe then I'll initiate a New Year's Resolution to give up watching football?

There really are better things to do, like reading, eating healthier, and lightly exercising more regularly.
This article captured my attention because it makes sense without having to accept any belief except economic good sense and practicality.
But, careful, because this is more than a sound byte, and it's got a few more links, too.

While the particular approach advocated can't possibly solve our entire complex problem -or the entrenched resistance to it- it would be an undeniably a good start that could be implemented relatively cheaply.
And, very likely, it would yield fairly quick results that would convince many of the existing doubters that broader and more expensive controversial remedies might also work!

Then, this one, by Michael Gerson, of all people! Why, he's actually calling a spade, a spade!
How we know why people do what they do, and even how one knows what one does oneself. -from Michael Frayn's Copenhagen