Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What A Difference 238 Years Make

Back before we became the the unique and miraculous US of A, many folks came here willingly, glad to have the freedom and opportunity to better themselves. But there were also those who came here against their will and were less fortunate in their pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I suppose that has always been the way it is with us humans.

Thing is, most folks start out mainly caring about the basics; clean water, food, shelter, clothing.
It's after that greed, lawlessness and conflict start to tempt folks, and distract them away from more helpful aspirations that benefit everyone. Absent inspirational leadership, a fair and just legal system, it gets easier to create individual fiefdoms, engage in crime and get lazy, complacent and fractious.

That sort of thing has happened before and is happening again. As favored descendants of our Founders, it falls to us to vigilantly take note of what is happening to drive our nation apart, and take those steps necessary to correct it. That is the one essential element of continuous quality improvement, and its our job to do it. And no one else's.

In doing so we have to be relentless and truthful. There is always room for disagreement and new ideas, despite what some ideologues may want you to think. Why, just yesterday, a senior member of Congress made the pronouncement that our Constitution was not a 'living document! If it's not living, is it dead? I don't think so, and neither did our Founders! That's why it wasn't carved in stone and has substantially changed and been amended over these years.

Such outrageous statements are being encouraged by unscrupulous people, limitless funding and a mass media that is for sale, None of those are good things in a democracy that was established 'for the people, of the people and by the people'!
If readers are getting as fed up as I am, let's let our leaders hear about it. And also, the 'media' and maybe a few other folks who are trying to hoodwink citizens into that fake blame game so-called the "T Party'. It seeks a cheap way to tap into peoples frustrations angers and fears, while rallying money for extreme political interests who seek to substitute their own sorry brand of representation on our already beleaguered government. That is no bargain and should be rejected out of hand.

No, this latest T-Party bears little real resemblance to the one that occurred on the night of December 16th, 1773 in Boston Harbor. That one merely destroyed a luxury English cargo of the leaves, leaf buds and internodes of the plant Camillia sinensis upon which it was intended to collect tax from colonists.
Two points to note: Action was against a foreign government of which America was still a colony.
The Declaration of Independence had not yet occurred, although it was 'a-brewing"!

Here we are 238 years later, choosing to revisit such events as a thin pretense to rally against our own government?
Back then, wasn't that called treason!

A piece of news heard yesterday triggered this post; it seems the T-Party folks were considering another 'convention' this August in Las Vegas. But someone figured out its pretty hot then and there. Yeeah!
So maybe now they're considering an 'Iced T Party? Maybe cooler heads will prevail...