Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Port: The Morning After

I have the feeling of a bad hangover but no recollection of having anything approaching a good time.

The spectacle of two bozos pretending to be Port Commissioners trying again to spin a mess of their own making into someone else's fault -in this case, their victim's- will likely remain with me indefinitely.

These guys need to be decommissioned!
If they had any gumption they would take that action themselves.

Dereliction of duty isn't just a matter to prove, it's a readily observable phenomenon, which the case of the Port has unfolded unmistakably over the last several years; at least from my frame of reference.

That dates back to the time the Port seemed willing to undertake a project of major importance to this entire community that had the backing and enthusiasm such ventures always seem to require, but often lack.

That priceless backing and enthusiasm has now been largely wasted -literally pissed away- by the Port's ruling junta. Mark my words, our community will suffer for it!

I can't remember a time when folks we elected to office have been so publicly disingenuous.
They sat in front of an entire room of people and made the same self-serving sounds that we've heard before, in defense of an action that is indefensible!

It's difficult to know where to begin to unravel the circular arguments and convoluted reasoning that issued from the lips of Commissars Walker and Jorgenson, except to say palpable untruths were unquestionably interwoven.

Perhaps, the most audacious statement was that Port Director Charlie Sheldon was 'terminated' because of 'dissension in the ranks'.

Unstated, was the fact that this 'dissension' was created by Commissar Walker himself, who not only sowed those seeds, but watered them, enlisted other gardeners, and then harvested their bitter fruits to poison someone he considered a potential nemesis to his reign as Chief Commissar.

Give me a break!
No one is stupid enough to believe that crap, except for the two misguided traitors of the public trust who sat there and exercised their already advanced ability to CYA.

Now, I am under no illusions that this latest amateurish jibe by the Port will just correct itself with no one else being hit in the head or swept over the side. But, it will change, because it must! And I, for one, will definitely work to make that happen; the sooner the better.

Today's Gristle again zeroed in on this subject and fired more direct hits at this already sinking derelict. Will it go down by the bow or stern? Or roll over?
More likely, just slowly take on water and disappear - except for the nice little fru-fru pennants on the top mast, that always seem to be flapping in a breeze - also of the Port's own making.

Eventually, when the pennants fray to threads, seagulls will find new perches, and join the barnacles to memorialize the wreck -to become known as Walker's Folly.

Phew-ip, phew-weee; now hear this; all voting citizens, lay down to the polls and elect a new Captain!