Friday, July 13, 2012

Coal: The Beat Goes On

So much to do, so little time!
Let's begin anyway.

Many notable writings have issued in just the last few days that relate to the proposed GPT project.
Yes, I say the proposed project, because it hasn't happened yet.
Anyone think of just buying this property and making our local discussion moot?
Wonder what it would take? $10 million? Twenty?
Everyone's got their price you know, especially corporations.
Hey, its only money!
But, I digress....

Here's today's reading list, in no particular order: - A good website supported by the Sierra Club, others - One of several articles published in the Bellingham Herald; San Juan County requests being included in EIS. - 60-page report issued by Western Organization of Resource Councils on impacts of increased coal train traffic in 4 northwestern states. - WA State website links related to the Dept of Ecology, SEPA [State Environmental Policy Act] Checklist, etc. - US Govt website links for Dept of Energy, NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act], etc. - Cascadia Weekly Gristle that identifies the problem of too much corporate power. - A website focused on train traffic - Another Herald article citing the 60-page WORC report, questioned by BNSF. - Floyd McKay's latest Crosscut piece cites potential negative impacts to existing business by GPT, other coal trains. A Canadian [CBC] website worth checking out; includes audio recordings. - From the July issue of Whatcom Watch 

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes in the coming weeks, months, and maybe years!