Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coal: Green versus Gold?

This U-Tube speech deserves our undivided attention because it clearly spells out the phony battle now going on between well-established truth and the cleverly deceptive untruths being spun about climate change.

Would you seek 99 'second opinions' from Doctors on your child's health condition?

BTW, here's an article I posted in Whatcom Watch, the April, 2003 issue.
Similar arguments on a slightly different subject, growth management.

Coal: The Role of Politics

Bob Simmons has done it again in publishing an article in Crosscut that explores the history of proposed development at Cherry Point.
This one refers to the CBI proposal back in the early 1980's that sought to produce large modules for drilling oil in the Arctic.

Much debated and as contentious as our current challenge, the proposed SSA Coal Terminal, this earlier battle raged and teetered on approval until a courageous Republican Governor -Spellman- vetoed a special legislative measure and killed it.

Imagine that, a high elected official actually listened to his conscience and then followed it!

That kind of scenario could happen again, at least in parts.
Depending upon our current process for examining such proposals -there are more ecologically justified hurdles to jump- a special measure may again gain sufficient support to approve it.

When, and if, that happens, who will be our Governor?

More importantly, will that future Governor have the courage to follow his conscience?

Our choices for next Governor seem to be between Mssrs Inslee and McKenna, with the former a Democrat and the latter a Republican.

How will these two view a Coal Terminal at Cherry Point?

Is one more likely than the other to support it?

Think about it before you vote -please!

Remember, there are links between how we vote and what we get.

Voting is important, not only in the Governor's race but in others!

For those interested, here are my choices in contested local elections:

County Executive: Jack Louws [over Doug Ericksen]

County Council:

Alan Black [over Barbara Brenner]
Christina Maginnis [over Sam Crawford]
Pete Kremen [over Tony Larson]

Sheriff: Bill Elfo [over Steve Harris]
Auditor: J Lynne Walker [over Debbie Adelstein]
Treasurer: Steve Oliver [over Brian Smith]

Bellingham Mayor: Kelli Linville [over Dan Pike]

City Council:

Cathy Lehman [over Barry Buchanan]
Larry Farr [over Seth Fleetwood]