Saturday, October 3, 2009


I don't know about you, but I still haven't gotten over the spectacle of behemoth NFL players running around in lime green jerseys.
Don't know if that contributed to the Seahawks again 'rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory', but it might have.

Lime green is a good accent color, with the Seahawk's eye and narrow pinstripes, but that's about my limit.
I had noticed more use of the accent creeping in, with ball caps, gloves, shoes and the like, but never thought that a silly marketing ploy would would begin to make the Seahawks look like 'girlie men', as the 'Governator', Ahnold might say.

When I watch part of the next game, I hope not to see any of the following uniform modifications in lime green, or any other color for that matter;

• fuzzy helmet stripes configured as Roman style 'mohawk' markings

• iridescent fish-eye helmet stickers to reward good plays

• tutus

• lime mesh stockings, knee pads or braces

• shoe pom-poms

For several other sports, lime green is more OK as a main color; soccer, cycling, track, T-Ball, cheerleading and the like.

But, please, don't handicap the Seahawks any more than they already are!