Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coal: The City's Citizens Need To Be Heard!

The Herald carried this story of the City Council's lightening fast decision to challenge a citizen's petition that sought to prevent excessive coal train shipments passing through Bellingham - the City of [heretofore] subdued excitement.
Think the Council might have already made up its collective mind on this?

I believe the Council owes City citizens a Resolution or strongly worded letter that affirms the many legitimate concerns that have been expressed by so many.
After all, Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane have issued such unequivocal statements, why not Bellingham?
What say you, Council?
Whatever you decide to do, do it quickly!

Giving better perspective to this latest development is this Gristle in today's Cascadia Weekly.
Last week's Weekly carried 'Gains in Trains', worth a read.

Insight contributes this related story of another coal terminal proposal on the Columbia River.