Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Joan Casey Tribute: Special Thanks to the "A" Team!

This last month has been a bear!
Never thought this much could be done in so short a time, but now it's happened and the home Joan & I thoroughly enjoyed for 26 years will go on the market tomorrow, Thursday July 28, 2016.
Meanwhile, I am ensconced in my new Condo in Fairhaven - something Joan & I had considered for some time, and that I am sure she would approve!

Here are six pictures taken by my good friend, Mark Turner, which will be used to advertise our former home at 1015 West Toledo Street:
Interior, showing view to NNW across deck
Interior, showing Living Room & Kitchen in background
Interior, from Kitchen through Dining Area to Deck & View
Master Bedroom
View from Deck to NNW, Canadian Mountains
Exterior, showing Solar Array atop Garage & Front Entrance
Not much of this progress could have been accomplished in so short a time, without the amazing help of my "A" Team! 
All of these folks were friends of Joan and me, who pitched in and greatly helped me make this transition happen so smoothly and -relatively- painlessly. 
I am very thankful for the help they all offered.
Here's a list, that hopefully includes -almost- everyone:
  • Ilya Kolesnikov
  • Klara Weis
  • Anne Mosness
  • Mary Durbrow
  • Jim Hildt
  • Roni Lenore
  • Mike Kaufman
  • Naomi Bunis
  • Helen McLeod
  • Kurt Lindemann
  • Regina Montano
  • Shelly Murray
  • Ann Davidge
  • Donna Rushing
  • Tim Burnett
  • Bob Davis
  • Margaret Weiland
  • Bob Carlitz
  • Katie Carlitz
  • Rina Kolesnikov
  • Vladimir Kolesnikov
  • Anatoly Kolesnikov
  • Laurie Heck
To these special people goes my heartfelt thanks!
They prove that when things are tough, true friends arise to occasion!
Joan is smiling - as always...