Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America Awakes!

Citizens and voters by the millions have decided to use their power to get our wonderful land back on its intended course in history!
And, it was time for this to happen.
The Bush administration itself deserves major credit for helping to galvanize public opinion against its own backward and convoluted policies.
But now, the people have spoken and it is time for more productive work to begin in earnest.

One statement make by David Brooks on PBS earlier tonight certainly echoes the strong and constant opinion of this blog that honesty is always the best policy.
I believe the way he put it was to characterize the clear statement of a top McCain advisor as based upon serious academic reasoning and not 'spinning' as he called it.
What a concept!
Let's don't lose sight of this essential principle ever again.
There is a place for partisan campaign rhetoric, but it is not in setting policy for a nation that has the history and the destiny to always follow the upper path to high ground.

As Thomas Jefferson said 'a little revolution is always a good thing'.
We have just experienced such a revolution and thankfully it was peaceful.
Now, let's make sure it really becomes a good thing!