Friday, March 23, 2012

Coal: History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself.

"Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity." - Lord Acton
Excellent reports of the public meeting at Bellingham High School held on Tuesday, March 20 were published in the Herald [John Stark] and Crosscut [Floyd Mackay]. Also, a Snohomish County blog has picked up coverage. Together, these summarize the status of the project as viewed by officialdom; which means everything written or spoken before this moment in time must be repeated again -in writing- to become part of the official record.

Imagine that! All that has gone before merely prepares for what must come next. If that sounds a little redundant or convoluted, it may be, but the rules applies anyway if public input is to be considered. So be it.

Since I've already written down most of my remarks and references made to date, I might be almost abreast of this game, providing the designated officialdom accepts my e-mailed list of URLs. And, if they don't, there will need to be many e-mails with miles of text to send into the yawning maw of bureaucracy. You know I WILL do it, don't you? So, that history will repeat itself, too. I will print a list at the bottom for my own public record.

Does anyone really believe the proposed GPT project ought to be simple to decide upon?
Should it be of such limited scope that it confines itself to the 250 acres of property and the proposed wharf site? Shouldn't all the roads, towns, people and nature along the long railroad rights-of-way and shipping lanes be considered?
And, is this 'debate' really about jobs? Which jobs? Those in China?
Or, is it mostly about the shortsighted greed of a few FATCATS?

And, what about the costs that get excluded from the so-called EIS, like serious mitigation for the created safety, health, nuisance and property value problems GPT would cause? Would these be externalized for assignment to 'others' - meaning taxpayers, property owners and financially strapped local governments?

I'm afraid these words uttered in 1932 by FDR at the Commonwealth Club are what the proponents want:
"The profits go to companies, and the debt goes to the people"
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