Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coal: May 31 Update

Stuff is continuing to happen around the topic we wish would just go away.
But, it won't without our individual and collective dedication.

A few more URL's on the subject have appeared:

Another Crosscut article

Info from Sightline

Seattle Times coverage

And, today's e-mail message from James Wells:
If you want to read all 82 pages of the EIS contract with CH2M Hill, here it is!

Good to know (page 11) that no Whatcom County funds will be used.

Initially authorized amount (page 12): $961,703.  That's for work through the Final Scoping Report (page 17).

And, it appears we get our $16,773.97 in county expenses back!  We can throw a party!  See page 15.

Scope of work starts on page 38.  Still saying public comment period June/July but document is out of date, it describes tasks that "will be" done in May.  
Soon, we'll get word that the 60-day clock will begin ticking for comments on the EIS.
Please stay tuned and ready to submit your concerns and comments to Whatcom County; PDS, Council and Executive.
We can make a difference!