Monday, May 11, 2009

HamsterTalk: Labels

To make it a little easier to find previous blogs that primarily address specific subjects, I have now assigned the list of categories shown below.
Of course, some of the 300+ blogs posted to date do touch upon multiple subjects.
Others, such as 'Personal' and 'Politics', are more difficult to categorize and probably don't need it anyway.
The topics and issues I consider more current and important are shown in BOLD.
Other more generic labels are shown in italics.
Here is the list of Labels I have used to date:

Buddhist (2)
Budgets (15)
Census (1)
Charter (3)
EconomicDevelopment (2)
Elections (36)
Environment (6)
Government (11)
Greenways (8)
Humor (16)
Lake (56)
Landlords (3)
LEED (5)
Library (11)
LivingWage (1)
Neighborhoods (5)
NEWS (2)
OlympicPipeLine (1)
Parking (2)
Parks (8)
Personal (21)
PFD (1)
PlanningGrowth (51)
Politics (35)
Reconveyance (11)
Sports (6)
Stormwater (3)
Sunshine (3)
Taxes (13)
War (4)
Water/Sewer (5)
Waterfront (13)
WRIA-1 (2)

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how readers can simply type one of these labels into the blog 'search' feature , hit the return and get a chronological list of blogs under that label, but as editor, I can now do that.
So, until I can figure out something better, those interested in particular subjects can e-mail me these and will I try to at least provide blog lists by specific label.
Individual blogs do show the labels currently assigned to them at the bottom.

Any additional suggestions, blog label ideas or labeling corrections will be welcomed.
Sorry it has taken so long to get this potentially helpful feature working.
I am still a rank amateur when it comes to being Internet savvy, but I'm trying!