Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reassessing this Blog

Lately, I've been reassessing the manner in which this blog might be continued.
And, comments from others have played a big part in that process.
More folks than I thought might have cared would like me to resume this blog on a more regular basis.
An even greater number have encouraged me to limit the length of future blogs.
And, some no doubt have wished this blog would just disappear!
Others -the huge majority- are probably blissfully unaware of it and/or could care less.

In the end, the determination of whether to blog or not is mine alone to make.
Already most of my files on the ongoing issues have been disgorged to the Internet, but whether or not these serve any useful purpose is unknown, especially since the indexing and search features are pretty basic.
And, now that I am no longer involved in the mandatory learning regimen that the Council packets provided, I'm definitely not as up to date on current matters.

With the additional free time I now have, I could always choose to use more of it for blogging, but I really don't want to.
However, I do remain interested in timely subjects and like the idea of communicating thoughts and opinions from time to time.

Also, the world of communications has changed, whether people acknowledge it or not.
With greater access to information, the exercise of figuring out what is of most interest in a timely manner is essential to keep from being overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff out there.
Then, there's the problem of quality control.
Who is telling you the facts, and who is coloring their version what color?

There has also been a contraction in local coverage, with the demise of the WIndy, cut-backs at the Herald, etc.
This has only been partly offset by better City Council coverage on BTV10, and the City website, plus several new blogs, including the new NW Citizen format and Herald's ongoing experiments.

Anyway, a different approach is needed for me to remain interested in maintaining this blog.
So, here's what I'm thinking;

I'll try to post something every week, maybe 1 to 3 times, depending upon travel.
I'll limit the length of each blog to a more readable size.
I'll mix up the topics better to reflect local, regional, national and international topics.
Plus, I'll throw in a few observations that happen almost daily from my own experience and perspective.

We'll see if this works.
I hope any readers left out there will like these changes.
If not, other changes can always happen.