Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Developments in Local Elections, Fuels to Asia

Checking today's election report shows Christina Maginnis now leads Sam Crawford by 601 votes!
An estimated 12,000 ballots remain to be counted.
Another development shows Dan Pike making up more ground against Kelli Linville, whose lead has shrunk to about 300 votes.
Next results are scheduled to appear 11/14.

Yesterday's post on possible good news on the Coal Terminal is actually more questionable than might have been implied.
Additional articles have appeared which temper the resistance seemingly being offered by the US with some alternate plans by our neighbor, Canada, which remains interested in exporting energy to asian markets anyway, likely through BC.

The first article has more to say about the proposed $7 Billion Keystone XL Pipeline project, which was being resisted by various interests, including the State of Nebraska over concerns about the R-O-W.

The second subject concerns the shipment of Canadian natural gas to asia, likely through an LNG terminal at Kitimat, in northern BC. Articles here, here and here describe this increasingly likely possibility, which is partially fueled by the fairly recent discovery of vast new natural gas fields in US shale deposits -meaning decreased reliance of Canada, at least for the moment.

The huge investments in the Alberta Tar Sands have created a frenzy to market these expensive fossil fuels in order to pay for their investment. Competition from Australia and Southeast Asian is fierce to supply China's needs.
Seems these places are in a big hurry to sell off their natural -and not so natural -resources, too.