Monday, April 30, 2012

Coal: Expanding Concerns

As the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal festers in our collective consciousness and weighs heavily on our future, other communities are now becoming more concerned about the certain negative impacts it would bring to everyone along the rail and water routes needed to support it.
And that says nothing about the air we all must breathe, whether degraded by coal-fired Chinese power plants or not.

Notice that no additional 'benefits' have been forthcoming since the initial PR hype [of more jobs and associated 'free' tax revenues to local government]; only a steady stream of logical impacts that most people would not hesitate to call 'negatives' with recognized threats and unfunded costs.

Hard to imagine an official Environmental Impact Statement [EIS] is required to prove something that is already as well known and publicly accepted, isn't it?
But, since an EIS will be required, it -at least- should be as broadly drawn and detailed as possible to help convince the bureaucrats who will conduct it to reach the right choices and conclusions.

I am glad to see this debate is growing so exponentially, as others are also waking up to the unseen threats they certainly share with us.

For example, Crosscut published this recent article, by Daniel Jack Chasan.

Since Powder River Basin Coal is mined and shipped from Montana and Wyoming, readers may be interested in this article that appeared in The Outpost, the Billings, MT paper.

Locally, Whatcom Watch has published in its April issue, two additional articles by Preston Schiller, here and here.

This article addresses potential adverse health impacts of increased train traffic.

With the confusion about when public comments may be submitted to Whatcom County regarding the GPT EIS, I decided to just go ahead and submit this list of previous blogs by e-mail on 4/22/2012:

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