Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Politics & Political 'Science'

Aristotle considered politics -and ethics for that matter- as a 'practical' science, not an exact one in the manner of mathematics, etc.
Pretty smart, that guy!

With the Rombot and Ryanoid soundly defeated, much to their surprise however much deserved, our ship of State continues its stable, if not always exciting course. 
Of course, the political gamesmanship doesn't all go away, because many important decisions must still be made, some of longstanding ripeness and others predictably unpredictable. 
No, the waters being traveled are calm only in their relativity, with squalls, shoals, other ships of State, and all sorts of perilous situations that demand wisdom, courage, cooperation, leadership, as well as Divine Providence.
These are not traits for those specializing in gaffe ability, flip-floppiness, fuzzy math, unbalanced pretense, or habitual mendacity - not to mention Romnesia or Ryanopia.

The Party of 'NO' -what now tries to pass as Republican- has at least for the present acknowledged that its has some very serious ailments, which if not addressed immediately, could metastasize into something lasting, if not fatal.
For their sake, and every one's, I hope they find a cure that allows them to be more inclusive, more accepting, less bellicose and more honest. 
The R's aren't all bad people; they have just allowed a few ideologues to usurp their party, whether self-serving established elites, mean-spirited tyrants, parsimonious misers, posturing politicos, or just non-thinking followers of spin-mongers.
But, that's the nature of the reality that must be faced.
Good luck with that.