Friday, April 29, 2016

Joan Casey #10

A Yantra Yoga Technique combining Movement & Sound
The Buddhist practice known as Dzogchen is briefly described here. It was -and is- the path chosen by Joan to lead her path toward enlightenment. 
It is not a strange tradition, but one I find to be all-inclusive and very helpful, since it encourages meditation and honest self-reflection, not a mere reliance upon icons and mysterious hocus-pocus. 

A tradition dating back to the 8th Century - and likely before - these teachings rely upon a scrupulous passing of knowledge from teacher to teacher, thus valuing lineages highly.  
This type of 'quality control', as I call it, provides an insurance against corruption over time. Buddhism hasn't relied upon evangelism, as we know it, but it's inherent truths and integrity in preserving the basic essence of the enduring teachings.
This, itself, is an attraction to me, as it was to Joan - a serious seeker for the purpose and meaning of life, and beyond. She sought her Dharma path in earnest, and found it in supporting preservation of nature, social justice and peace. I greatly admire her in that! 
Few can equal Joan's aspirations for good, or act on it as consistently or generously.

Things are happening more quickly now, so I am posting another Update to benefit those who may be planning to visit one of Joan's Memorial Services:

The Sausalito Presbyterian Church website is useful for those wanting directions, and finding parking, which is sometimes difficult. Just click on the Staff/Contact Tab to access this information.

The Flynn Memorial Home website is also helpful. Click on search button after entering "Casey" to find pictures, tributes, etc, plus directions.

Some additional music I'm considering includes:

10. "On Eagle's Wings" - YouTube [Josh Groban Lyrics]

11. "The Soft Goodbye" - YouTube [Celtic Woman]

12. Sound of Music - YouTube  [Julie Andrews]

13 True Love - YouTube [Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly]

More later................