Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Day to Remember: January 14, 1984

Thirty three years ago today, I met Joan Casey, who became my dear butterfly...
We went on a long hike at Point Reyes National Seashore, and until April 12, 2016, we have hiked many, many miles together!

Despite the sadness of Missus Joan's sudden passing, the joy we shared during our life together certainly outweighs the pain of me missing her physical presence.

I will always have the precious memory of her, her zest for life, and the love we shared.

Here are a few photos that recollect moments our journey together:
Trails & Picnics - 2 Favorites!
Our Camping Home
We never regretted living at 1015 Toledo!
At Ash Lawn - James Monroe's Home (2011)
Joan's iPad, a gift that kept on giving!
UVA President's Home (2011)

Chincoteague Birding
Joan with Bud & Juanita McCormick
J & J - Dingle, Ireland
Joan on Patio @ 291 Surrey
Giddy Gato - Our Wonderful Cat
J&J with John's son Tom, Sister Mary & Richard - Tullahoma, TN
Missus Joan @ Moose Lodge - ca 1998

J&J with Mr Jefferson - 2011

Clowns Lily & Big Red

Hiking at Mt Baker - our backyard!

Joan & John - June 17, 1990