Friday, May 13, 2016

Joan Casey Update #19: Rarest of the Rare!

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During our early relationship, I found myself at a career crossroads, having to seek help from a professional Career Councilor in an effort to seek a new job.
This was the first time anything like this had happened to me, but I determined it was needed.
The guy was quite helpful and proved a relief from the do-it-yourself approach of using the book ‘What Color is Your Parachute’.

As part of the counseling, a Myers-Briggs Personality Type test was given, and because Joan & I were a couple, we both took the test, individually.
The results were interesting to say the least; showing that we were very similar, sharing the indicators N (intuitive), F (feeling) and J (judgmental).
Only the first indicator showed a difference; Joan was an Introvert and I was an Extrovert.
Go figure!
Joan was about as outgoing a person as I have met, while I an somewhat reserved most of the time.

But the difference between an I and a E can be big, I’s represent about 25% of those tested, while E’s account for 75%. The types just view things from a different perspective, both necessary and important. 

Joan reacted to these findings with joy and amazement, because she found answers to questions about herself that she had often wondered about.
The MBPT test revealed to her things that explained why she had always felt a little different from most people, almost a misfit at times.
At last, she felt satisfied with this explanation.
After all the years when she worried, now she didn’t have to.
What a relief that was to her!
She actually became proud of her uniqueness, literally as the rarest of the rare Personality Type; only 1% of those tested were INFJ’s.

As it turned out, my type -ENFJ- is the second most rare, at about 4%. Together, we made a rare couple, that shared rarities!
This was a memory that we never forgot, because it helped both of us better understand ourselves. 

Green Tara Thanka