Monday, May 9, 2016

Joan Casey Update #17: Happenings You Might Like To Hear About

Our Wedding @ Sausalito Presbyterian Church - June 17, 1990
• Hey Deebit, remember this day?
I just had our wedding video digitized so I could watch it again on my computer.
Guess what? It was even more of a happy event than I recalled!
Maybe, I can get it edited enough to show the highlights on May 21!
You were absolutely stunningly radiant - something I have remembered, as have many others who were there...

• Another interesting development is that the US Corps of Engineers have now officially denied a permit to SSA-Marine for the huge Coal Terminal proposed for Cherry Point!
The reason given was that the expected additional negative impacts to tribal fishing rights violated the Treaty of 1855.
Remember the day we went to the Lummi event at which they burned a big check in effigy? 
It must have worked! Now, maybe a realistic use can be found for this site.
What? You want to buy it for a memorial park? Maybe, a buyer can be found who will protect this fragile shore area....

• Also, remember when you had doubts about the weather here? One of the things that helped ease that anxiety was when you first drove past the Mt Baker Winery and Vineyards - that convinced you that if grapes could be grown here, the weather mustn't be so bad!
Well, today, that winery is for sale - is that a harbinger of worse weather? I don't think so, but you never know...

• Regina came for a third day to gather, sort and list your clothes; still not finished. Hate to remind you, but you had WAY too many clothes!
Don't worry they're going to a place where they'll be put to good use - the Assistance League. I know you'll approve...

• The Memorial Service in Yonkers is coming up next Saturday. I'll be flying into Newark where son Tom will meet me for the trip to Yonkers and back.
We'll stay with Kathy Casey, your brother's widow, whose been very helpful in the arrangements. Brian is coming and bringing your Cousin, Jeanne.
Your friend Patsy will be there, too. We plan an Irish meal at Rory's after the Memorial.

• Your Cousin, Jed, sent me a great poem that will be included in the Sausalito Memorial the following Saturday.
Bud & Juanita will be coming and stay at Surrey Street with me.
The Brothers K will be cooking a 'weapon' the day I arrive.
Rev George is going to officiate at SPC and has been a terrific help, along with your friends Mimi and Georgianne.
And, the Dzogchen Community has been invited, along with your friend Nora.
No idea how many may come, but a bunch!
I picked a lot of songs and music, but expect the main ones will be One Hand, One Heart - sung at our wedding - and the Song of the Vajra, also chanted at our wedding...
Joan & Cousin Jed, the Mountaineer
• Here's the Poem Jed sent, especially with you in mind!

Here in Kathmandu 
by Donald Justice

We have climbed the mountain.
There's nothing more to do.
It is terrible to come down
To the valley
Where, amidst many flowers,
One thinks of snow,

As formerly, amidst snow,
Climbing the mountain,
One thought of flowers,
Tremulous, ruddy with dew,
In the valley.
One caught their scent coming down.

It is difficult to adjust, once down,
To the absence of snow.
Clear days, from the valley,
One looks up at the mountain.
What else is there to do?
Prayer wheels, flowers!

Let the flowers
Fade, the prayer wheels run down.
What have they to do
With us who have stood atop the snow
Atop the mountain,
Flags seen from the valley?

It might be possible to live in the valley,
To bury oneself among flowers,
If one could forget the mountain,
However, once looking down,
Stiff, blinded with snow,
One knew what to do.

Meanwhile it is not easy here in Kathmandu,
Especially when to the valley
That wind which means snow
Elsewhere, but here means flowers,
Comes down,

As soon it must, from the mountain.