Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coal: EIS Scoping Comment No. 27

San Juan Islands National Conservation Area
There is much current interest in the idea of designating a San Juan Islands National Conservation Area, because the area is so spectacularly beautiful. This sentiment is not new; it has been widely shared by many for a long time, since all who visit this unique place enjoy the experience and want to preserve it for future generations.
I'm concerned that the very large Bulk Carrier Vessels that GPT will attract, will degrade this area and possibly even ruin it for fishing, boating and general enjoyment by the tens of thousands of people who live there or visit each year. It is difficult to conceive of any mitigation capable of undoing the irreparable harm that a spill, collision or sinking could cause, not to mention the enormous threats to small craft, ferries and recreational uses these huge vessels would certainly cause.
I request that the MAP Team strongly consider what preventative measures could possibly be put into place so as to minimize this threat, including all necessary costs and mandated protocols to be implemented by the Applicant.