Saturday, September 29, 2012

GPT: EIS Comment No. 6

Lake Terrell Wildlife Preserve

The EIS website is functioning so now submitted comments can be read online at this URL:
September 29, 2012

Mr Tyler Schroeder, Whatcom County
Mr Randel Perry, U.S. Corps of Engineers
Ms Jeannie Summerhays,  Washington State Department of Ecology

Subject: Scoping for Draft EIS for Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal, Cherry Point, Whatcom County

As a Whatcom County resident and former elected official, I am submitting this comment for the careful consideration of the MAP Team:

I have a concern about the 1500 acre Lake Terrell Wildlife Preserve that lies to the east, adjacent to the GPT site.
Coal dust, noise and continuous vehicular traffic will not help keep Lake Terrell a place for people and wildlife to enjoy. 

Recently, WDFW announced the latest is a series of steps to reintroduce salmonids to this preserve by reopening the creek which drains to the north. This Bellingham Herald article describes this action: 

Through many years, the ARCO refinery -now BP- has provided good stewardship of the area surrounding the refinery complex, including nesting areas for birds. 

It would be a shame to see all of this careful stewardship wasted by shortsightedly approving a proposal with so many potentially harmful impacts as to threaten the Lake Terrell Wildlife Preserve.