Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elections: Our Own Local Laugh-in

With one day remaining to file for office, have you seen the latest filings?

You can decide to laugh or cry over the weird turn of events that now has Pete Kremen running for County Council against Tony Larson!

Then, help us decide what in heck is going on here, please!

More to follow, maybe...
1:15 AM June 10:

OK, I couldn't resist a couple of educated guesses about why Pete might have acted as he has so far:

• Could it be that strong competition from Jack Louws may have triggered his 'hypertension'? Pete doesn't like working too hard on anything, much less against credible rivals. Also, Doug Ericksen's entry probably further exacerbated this problem.

• Larson likely irritated him in questioning the wisdom of the Reconveyance scheme; an idea Pete would like to consider his legacy.

• This Council -including Larson- has been a real problem for Pete and the County Administration. Just too many strange, individual agendas motivated by fixed ideas, cronyism, ignorance and arrogance.

• Pete probably could use a few more years under the County's health plan due to his personal health issues, as well as the State's retirement system -which is based on years of service- at least until he reaches the age of 62 to 65.

• County politics is the only 'job' he knows, so it is hard for him to walk away from the public attention and the public dole so suddenly/

You think local politics might have hit a new low here in Whatcom County?
I do.
But that's just my opinion.

As bad a representative as Tony Larson has been -and shows promise to become- it's really hard to stomach Pete in office again, although his presence on this Council may actually help it do its job more competently.

Wouldn't it be fun to be a fly on the wall in certain places?
But, maybe the public, know how to use a fly swatter!

Time will tell I suppose; besides, there's another whole left day to file for office...