Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bachelor's Stew; An Inspiration

Here are on the evening of Saturday, June 19 -the day before Father's Day and 2 days after my 21st Anniversary to my dear wife who is enjoying a brief vacation in SF.

As sometimes happens in Bellingham, the sun is making its first real appearance just before sundown, below the picturesque clouds.
Hey, we've learned to call that particular 'sunny break', a sunny day!
And, coupled with catching the tail end of Casino Royale and the beginning of Quantum of Solace -both James Bond flicks on TV with Daniel Craig- the atmosphere seems just right to relate a secret, shared by Bachelors everywhere. Maybe Bachelorettes, too?

The secret is Bachelor Stew, a concoction of variable recipe that combines mostly ready-made ingredients, adds a few ad hoc foods that are conveniently at hand and melds the whole into a dish that tastes truly outstanding.

What's even better is that I also concocted a great sangria - containing all kinds of nutritious fruits - to go with my supper.
Want to share my secret? It's up to you:

The stew I prepared tonight consists of the following, combined and heated slowly on stovetop:

1 can Amy's Lentil Soup [organic, from Costco]

1 can Amy's Chile -Medium [also organic from Costco]

3 slices Black Forest Smoked ham - cut into small pieces [ Costco]

1/5 Red Onion [Costco or elsewhere]

Heat & Serve without excessive fanfare -which subtracts from the spontaneous ambiance.

Sangria -made in large pitcher with abundant ice cubes:

1 bottle Old Vine Zinfandel [I like Bogle -Fred Meyers]

1 bottle diet 7-Up

1/2 orange, sliced thin

1/2 apple, sliced thin

several strawberries, sliced thin

several blackberries, sliced

1/2 lime sliced thin & squeezed.

1 small banana, sliced

anything else that comes to mind.

Stir & serve in a fruit jar or other glass.

These 2 items go very well together!

Enjoy if you dare!