Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare & March Madness

Some folks won't be celebrating the House's passage of the imperfect, yet necessary, healthcare reform legislation, but most will, including me.
Now, it's the Senate's turn to do the right thing and finally allow the President to sign it into law.

More important over time, is the commitment to periodically revisit this issue with the intent to improve healthcare coverage for all Americans, not just those with means to afford what we have now.
To now deny true progress on something as important as basic healthcare, after a century of debate, would be irresponsible despite ideological differences.

It's time -actually way past time- that the USA begins to get its healthcare act together.
I have confidence that these healthcare reforms will prove helpful to everyone over time, particularly with timely oversight and modification to fix glitches and improve coverage, costs and quality.

It's also time to be more caring, inclusive and realistic when it comes to the impacts of healthcare cost on every American.
That sure beats empty political rhetoric, anger and continued delaying tactics!
Wait and see, but remember this night, because it will quality as truly memorable for many years to come.

The other March Madness now in progress is the NCAA Basketball Tournament to determine our national champion.
So far, it has been more exciting than usual with many close games and upsets to winnow the field down to the "Sweet Sixteen'.

As with Healthcare Reform Legislation, the final results are unknown, even though some teams seem stronger than others.
Winning it all with require talent, strategy, hard and sustained effort, coolness in adversity, plus a bit of luck.

I've got my favorites, but whoever wins will likely deserve it.