Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parks: Woodstock Farm & Inspiration Point

This article on Woodstock Farm, the City's new special use park off Chuckanut Drive, appeared in today's Herald and is worth checking out.

More information is available on the City's website at this URL:

Additional details on next Sunday's public event appears here:

For those wishing a little more background on how this new park opportunity came about, an earlier blog is available at this URL:

This latest event in a series held over this summer, is set for 1 to 5 PM next Sunday afternoon, August 23, with parking available at the North Chuckanut Trailhead parking lot, with shuttle service to the site.
Exhibits, refreshments and entertainment will be provided at what is being termed an Inspiration Jamboree with the Woodstock Farm Conservancy.

I hope folks will come and see this tranquil and historic gem of a place, which thankfully is being preserved for the enjoyment of our posterity.