Thursday, July 2, 2009

Healthcare & Walmart

This topic ought to be a hot one, irrespective of anyone's view.
Would you believe Walmart's new stance on this issue?
Think they might see some major advantages that favor them which had not been apparent up to now?
I'd bet on that, because that's what free enterprise is all about.

But, the real question is, can companies like Walmart help make the changes that most of us seem to believe are necessary?
You can think of Walmart what you will, but they can -and do- have a major effect on buying habits when they go after something!

First, here's what outgoing Walmart CEO Lee Scott had to say about its plan to establish up to 400 health clinics during the next 2-3 years. [Click here]

And, second, here's someone's opinion on 20 ways these new Walmart clinics might impact the existing healthcare system: [Click here]

Next, here's a short summary of Walmart's reversal on supporting a national healthcare system: [Click here]

And, finally, here's a link to yet another opinion that we ought to let Walmart actually run our healthcare system -on the theory they would do a better job than either the government or the existing providers: [Click here]

Just when we think that we've figured out where folks stand on an issue, things do seem to change, don't they?
This will be an interesting subject to follow the next several months, and beyond.
Let's see what actually occurs, as something certainly will.

Whatever happens, we will not be likely to have the same healthcare system -or lack of it- that we have now.
Neither will we get the system that many strongly favor.
Likely, we'll get some collection of compromises that can gather sufficient support to pass Congress.

I hope the compromise ultimately adopted includes universal basic coverage for everyone, and a public system that people can choose if they want it.
There may be some other features that are desirable too, but those two are essential.
Also, there needs to be a system of periodic review, where changes can be made as the need arises.

It is well past the time that a country, like ours, ought to have a decent healthcare system.
Access to reasonable healthcare is something most people think of as a basic right.
Maybe we should consider adding that to the Bill of Rights?