Sunday, January 11, 2009

Football Blues

After sorta giving up on college football the other day I turned attention to the NFL playoffs this weekend expecting to see 4 good games.
I was disappointed, although one game was pretty close.

Now, I've decided that even watching pro football is mostly a waste of time.
I say 'mostly' because there are some terrific plays that are fascinating to watch.
But predicting when these may happen is problematic at best.
So, maybe the best way to catch those plays is to watch the highlights after the fact.
After all there is no special reward for seeing these moments in real time.

More depressing is the reality that teams I root for mostly seem to lose.
While I do often pull for underdogs the disparity I've noted doesn't necessarily track that predisposition either.
What I have all but concluded is that when I decide to root for a team, that act itself may determine an adverse outcome!
In other words, my support amounts to a kiss of death to whatever team I happen to favor.

I have no statistics to back up this claim, but maybe I should start collecting them.
If a strong correlation between game outcomes and my own choices can be found, that may be worth some bucks to gamblers.
But, of course that might also alter outcomes, particularly if it were discovered that my main goal was to make money on such predictions.
So, maybe its better that I just give up on choosing outcomes and go with the flow?

This weekend's playoff games had these match-ups, with the first team enjoying the home field advantage:

Carolina Panthers VS Arizona Cardinals [@Carolina -favored]
Tennessee Titans VS Baltimore Ravens [@Tennessee -Ravens slightly favored]
New York Giants VS Philadelphia Eagles [@NY -favored]
Pittsburgh Steelers VS San Diego Chargers [@Pittsburgh -favored]

In each game one team's colors featured BLUE, and each BLUE team lost.
Now, we're left with three kinds of non-BLUE Birds and the Black clad Steelers, who ought to win the Super Bowl on general principles!
Their game with the Purple clad Ravens will be a doozy, the 3rd tough meeting between those teams this year.
The Green clad Eagles ought to handle the Red clad Cardinals to provide fodder for all-Pennsylvania Championship.

But, the above predictions are just my opinion, so I've probably also jinxed the Steelers and the Eagles as well.
Don't be too surprised if the Cardinals meet -and beat- the Ravens in the Super Bowl; just kidding, or am I?
Seriously, it's too bad the Steelers and Ravens can't meet again in the Super Bowl, instead of the AFL Championship.
That would be one tough game, fitting for teams that both feature and fit the colors Black and Purple!