Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crying Wolf

Remember the story of Pinnochio the puppet?
Every time he told a fib, his nose grew a little longer.
Until it got so long that people noticed.
Think that may have happened in this country?
It's a wonder that 30% of people in this country don't get it, isn't it?

Carrying the long nose theme a little further, here's an animal with nose so long that it's called a trunk.
Ironic that the noble elephant became a symbol of the political party that has made lying an art form!

'Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed' is the moral of the fable of the boy who cried 'wolf'..

A Cabinet of Cronies?
Iraq? $700 Million our kids will pay for!
How to pay for Iraq?
Patriot Act excesses?
Katrina & FEMA's failure?
Why haven't we found Bin Laden?
Big Oil?
No Energy Policy even with $100/Barrel Oil?
No Environmental Policy?
Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG?
Another $700 Million our kids will pay for!
Who pays for this lack of financial oversight? We do!
No Healthcare reform?
Fiscal Deficits at all-time highs?
US Dollar at an all-time low?
Housing crisis?
Escalating trade deficits?
Growing scarcity of living wage jobs ?
Unresolved immigration problems?
Recession already a certainty for most of us?
Low International esteem?
Politics above Principles?

Since when do real Americans settle for such ideological incompetence?
Since when have we become consumers instead of citizens?
Since when do we settle for propaganda, myths, and lies instead of truth?
Since when would we rather gamble on wishes instead of working to make good things happen?
Since when would we rather watch a football game than a serious political debate?
Or, tolerate a bunch of meaningless sound bytes than value carefully considered arguments?

This election should not be close!
That polls show it to be close should be a matter of concern for every citizen.
Why would any of the 70% who disprove of the current White House occupant, actually vote for another R?
Especially one with an anger management problem, who can't remember how many houses or cars he owns?
How can such a person even understand the problems of real people, much less act in the greater public interest?
But, the R's are 'crying wolf' again that they aren't responsible for the mess we're in.
Anyone give credence to those sorry howls?
Please, let us not fall for that antic again!

Immeasurable harm to our country has already been done.
It's time for some healing, mending and trying to make tomorrow a better time for all of us, not just the favored few.