Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

May 2008 be a happy, productive and prosperous New Year for the City and all citizens!

May the political solutions that result from careful consideration of serious issues prove to be fair, effective and provide an enduring foundation upon which future legislation & regulations can build according to needs.

May civil discourse in all public processes become the consistent standard of intrapersonal communications, and may gratuitous and unproductive behavior largely disappear.

May consistent caution and prudence be exercised, with the use of public funds in all fiscal matters be directed to needs that must be sustained and not frills that unnecessarily deplete reserves.

May all public processes be timely noticed and held in public venues with the proceedings recorded for either live viewing or future viewing on BTV10, the City's website or DVDs.

The Four Marks of Existence:

• Impermanence

• Suffering

• Emptiness

• Selflessness

Longchenpa - Ancient Buddhist Teacher