Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today was the first day of the rest of my life.

I first heard something to the effect of this title years ago.
Now, its time to apply it to me.

Today was interesting, and different.
First, I slept off the effects of having not only my 3rd chiropractic treatment, but my first therapeutic massage.
Both treatments were directed toward resolving some muscle strain in my back.
And, both were not immediately successful as one might expect.

But, I did feel better this morning.
Now comes the hard part, living in such a way that unusual pain is prevented.

That will be harder to learn, but well worth the effort.

Today's events started with a Christmas lunch for about 40 City employees at the Fireplace Room at Muni Court.
$13 bought one a catered meal and 1.5 hours fellowship with people mostly accounted for as FTEs [Full-Time Equivalents]

A donated gift bought one the right to pick another gift under public scrutiny.
A really desirable gift got traded up to three times before becoming 'vested'.
I'm proud to say my donated gift got traded 3 times.
It was the one wrapped in a brown paper bag, then tin foil, then a brown cylindrical canister.
I'll let you guess what it was.

Like many others, it was a bottle of wine - from France.
It seemed like wine was the trendy gift, more so this time than in past memory.
And why not? It's a consumable, and it has the capacity to diminish ones present cares.
What characterizes us consumers more than that these days?

At the end, the group sang me a 'Happy Birthday', which it was.
Somebody must have tipped them off.
I prefer to think of this day as 'the 30th Anniversary of my 39th Birthday'.
Which it also was.

Later, the Library Board meeting featured a short report by it's consultants on the proposed new Library Specs.
That was interesting too, and demonstrated the same high degree of thoughtful deliberation that the Board, itself typifies.
In January 2008, a publc survey will be taken, which will guide the Board in its recommendations to the City Council.
With positive results in both venues, a public bond issue may be proposed for next May, for a new Library and branch enhancements.

Tonight, my bride and I celebrated with a Birthday dinner at a local eatery.
The food was excellent -and excessive- but what else would you expect?
We planned the next few months in outline form, which now demands some more detailed planning.
Then, the execution will focus more on the journey than the destination.

But, that represents a challenge for me, because I'm accustomed to focusing on the destination, or goal.
I hope I'm up to it.
But already I'm thinking of what comes tomorrow.
Take friends to the airport, then attend one more Council meeting.

After that, who knows?
Maybe, I'll think up another blog.
Then again, maybe I won't.
Hard to tell at my age, isn't it?