Thursday, December 6, 2007

District Only Voting: Are You Kidding Me?

I have now spent at least one night thinking about this issue, although that's not really needed.
And, being sober and lucent, I wonder why this 'District Only' is considered fair, smart, or necessary?
Is there really any legitimate debate on this issue, aside from voter preference?

Right now, there are about 174,000 voting Americans for each elected representative in the US Congress,.
That is less than the number of Americans for every WAL-MART store in the US.

I'm now aware there are over 185,000 people currently living in Whatcom County, of which 102,458 are registered voters, 37,652 of which live in the city of Bellingham.

Is it true that some folks, who espouse 'District only' voting, want the 'approximately' 34,152.7 people living in District 2 to represent only that District, despite the fact it is only one-third of the County?
If so, that is not OK with me!


Anyone have a problem with that?
If, so, why?

Get this issue back on the ballot!