Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WLV Forum: Ad Libs, Glibs & Fibs

The format and questions at tonight's forum was good.
But, understandably due to time limits, some lack of factual knowledge, some lack of candor, some of the answers provided by some of candidates were -being kind- unenlightening.
Without any pretense at completeness, here were some brief observations, given without specific attribution to any person:
Mayor's race:

Ad Lib: 're-prioritizing' the city budget was mentioned without any specifics.

Does the candidate understand that the City's 2008 budget will be adopted on 11/26, the day before a new mayor takes office?

Glib: current administrative experience: 2 direct reports and 30 'cats to herd'. [meaning diverse elected officials]

Fib: opponent's 'inexperience' caused misunderstanding of surprise announcement.
Ward 1 Council race: No competition, therefore no opportunity for fun!
Ward 3 Council race:

Ad Lib: a proposal to eliminate B&O tax.

Let's see that's only $12.250 million projected for 2007!

Glib: City capital facilities priority should be stormwater facilities to protect Lake Whatcom. [2% of watershed in City]

City already has stormwater funding, but technology won't remove phosphorus.
Preservation of natural vegetation works much better!

Fib: Lake Whatcom is not in top 3 priorities, because that topic is 'already being addressed'.
Ward 4 Council race:

Ad Lib: Do no more harm, buy out WD 10 and raise $100 million

Glib: Just streamline permitting [times 2]

Fib: Simple Lake Whatcom rating system of 12 to 15 actions versus cleaning efficiency, then just pick those we want, like a loaf of bread!
Ward 5 Council race:

Ad Lib: Development already pays it's infrastruture costs, except Cordata

Partially accurate, but Cordata situation was mandated by agreement with County!

Glib: Single Family residential zoning; Planning Director is compelled to address

Only after sufficient evidence is gathered, which is the problem!

Fib: Denied not answering questionnaires!

Pretty easy to check, don't you think?
At Large Council race:

Ad Lib: Energized by the campaign!

Glib: Rattled off long list of endorsements

Fib: Voted for better Lake Whatcom program

That's it folks, just enough to count as a blog