Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dan Pike: An Unabashed Endorsement for Mayor

Tonight, Dan Pike's campaign kick-off event at the Bellwether was a rousing success! This man is pitching a big tent, under which diverse interests are all welcome - every one of them.
One thing that voters seem to have already made clear is that they want a different approach is dealing with many of our local big issues, including having more responsive local government.

That means incumbents are at something of a disadvantage for a change, at least as compared to elections past.
There is a clear call for new blood, new ideas and new courage in our elected officials that seems to reinforce itself each week.

Don't worry about and don't fight it, because that's Democracy at work, folks!
That is the sound of people making their wishes known in the most tangible way possible - thru the ballot box.
And, I hope they do turn out to vote in huge numbers!

One can almost hear Oliver Cromwell's present day counterparts saying " You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!
Over-dramatic perhaps, but maybe something to that effect.

Anyway, I was inspired by Pike's party, and personally plan to redouble my efforts this campaign season.
One way I'm doing it is to write letters to the editor.
Here's my recent submittal to the Herald:
"I like Pike"

This campaign year, I got to know Dan Pike, which explains my enthusiastic support for him as Mayor.

Describing Pike comes down to 3 things; training, temperament & truthfulness.
He is first a man of principle, who has prepared himself by education and work experience to deal positively with issues vital to the public.

With a degree in Planning from WWU and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard, Dan demonstrated early in life his intention to dedicate and prepare himself for public service.

And, Pike's work experience has been true to this goal. He has been markedly successful in managing major transportation projects in the I-5 Corridor, at a time of severe funding restrictions.
Now, as Transportation Planner with the Skagit County Council of Governments, he is responsible for regional planning, and has again achieved notable success getting projects approved, funded and completed.

Dan came to Bellingham as a student in 1982, developed a love for this place, and is now a family man, who has achieved his goal of finding meaningful employment near enough Bellingham to live in the Lettered Streets Neighborhood.

Dan Pike is a refreshing new face in Bellingham, who deserves to become our next Mayor!

On a related note, I believe the 2008 Elections will reflect, on a national level, what we are experiencing here.
With that in mind, I'm reprinting an e-mail I received today from Project Vote Smart, an organization I support whole heartedly.

Maybe some local folks would like to work with me to help bring their PURPLE BUS to bellingham next year?

Read on to see what this is about.
Or visit the website at www.votesmart.org
Project Vote Smart National Tour

Dear Member,

After 16 years of work on the part of over 6,000 people, Project Vote Smart is about to announce the nation's first Voter's Self-Defense System and we are looking for organizations, schools and foundations across the country to help us make the announcement.
We've created an hour-long multimedia presentation entitled "Depending on the Wisdom of Strangers" that will make your audience want to stand up and cheer.
Announcement presentations are being scheduled in cities across the nation and we are currently looking for invitations for the upcoming 2008 election year.

The presentation demonstrates why we need and how to use the Voter's Self-Defense System that enables every citizen to instantly check the credibility of the often-misleading claims of candidates as they seek your vote.

Project president, Richard Kimball, and several of our board members will make the presentations and in certain cases, if appropriate we will bring our Purple Bus.
A 45 ft. long bus with a movie theater and computer terminals to show how we did it and why the Omaha World-Herald says, " It couldn't be more nonpartisan."

The organization started by Presidents Carter and Ford and 40 other prominent national leaders and funded by the Ford and Carnegie Foundations has worked to construct an enormous system by which any American can instantly access accurate factual data on over 40,000 political candidates. Early reviews have said:

"So good that even the Federal Government recommends it!" -New York Times

"Heaven for Political Junkies!"- USA Today

"Project Vote Smart jammed a wrench into the spin machine." - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"So good we are recommending it to all of our affiliates."- CNN

"A rebirth of Democracy."- Bill Moyers

"It would make the Founders weep with joy." -U.S. News and World Report

We are looking for large-scale regularly scheduled events with an attendance in upwards of 100, events like a lecture series, conferences and organization/foundation annual meetings.

That said, virtually all requests will be accommodated through our 6 traveling board members, 150 Project Vote Smart Ambassadors and the 30,000 miles our Purple (purple because we are not red or blue, but all in this together) Bus Tour is scheduled to travel.
Please call or email James Ewert and/or Victoria Horrock, our National Tour Coordinators at 406-859-8683 or james@votesmart.org - victoria@votesmart.org

Best wishes,

Richard Kimball

Project President
Paraphrasing a letter George Washington wrote to the Marquis de Lafayette at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention:
"The production has been many years in the making.
It is now a child of fortune, to be fostered by some and buffeted by others.
What will be the general opinion on, or reception of it is entirely up to the people."

And so it is with most things in a Democracy!
Let's work to have big turn-outs, both in 2007 and 2008, shall we?